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DeeTee group is a well known group of central India recognized for its quality and durability worldwide. The group is engaged into a wide range of precision engineering, sheet metal and fabrication activities. DeeTee Industries Pvt. Ltd., which produces customized tools with tolerances as close as ± 0.001 mm and exports its products to 65 countries globally, is now diversified in packaging industry using latest technology for manufacturing high quality PET and PP straps under the brand name Giraffe Packaging.

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Giraffe PP Strap

Giraffe PP strap are suitable for light and medium duty packaging and perform well medium duty packaging and perform well on all types of selling machines -
Manual | Semi-auto | Automatic
Various color options are available as per customer request.

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Packaging/Sealing Tools

A range of manual, pneumatic and battery operated tools can be arranged as per customer needs.

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